The right to Acquire scheme is similar to Right to Buy but it applies to properties owned by a housing association. For you to be able to apply to purchase a property through the Right to Acquire scheme your landlord must meet the eligibility requirements.

If you’ve had a public sector landlord for 3 years or more then you can apply to buy your housing association home . Public sector landlords include:

  • Housing associations
  • Councils
  • The armed services
  • NHS trusts and foundation trusts

Eligible properties:

  • A property built or bought by a housing association after 31 March 1997 (and funded through a social housing grant provided by the Housing Corporation or local council)
  • A property that was transferred from a local council to a housing association after 31 March 1997

Your landlord must be registered with the Regulator of Social Housing.

The property must meet the follow criteria:

  • It must be a self-contained property*
  • It must be your only or main home

*To be classed as self contained a property (whether a house or a flat) must have its own private kitchen, bathroom and/or toilet, and living area(s). It must have everything required for a tenant in one place, with no need to exit the accommodation to access necessary facilities.

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As with Right to Buy you can make a joint application for Right to Acquire:

  • A joint application can be submitted with someone else who currently shares your tenancy
  • As with Right to Buy it is also possible to do an application with someone who does not share your tenancy. The rule is that it can be up to 3 family members who’ve lived with you for the past 12 months

  • you’re being made bankrupt.
  • a court has ordered you to leave your home 
  • you’re a council tenant - you may be able to use Right to Buy instead
  • you have ‘Preserved Right to Buy’