With the rise of the staycation in the UK holiday lets and short term rental investments have become more and more popular with landlords and property investors. Properties that can be rented out as holiday lets often have far higher earning potential than standard buy to let properties being rented out on 6-12 months AST’s (assured tenancy agreements). However, more management is involved and there is often greater wear and tear due to the high turnover of guests. Despite these drawbacks, the pro’s of owning a holiday let, such as higher earnings and the ability that some lenders offer to use it for your own holidays, seem to be attracting more and more investors.

The big difference between a holiday let mortgage and a standard buy to let mortgage is the way that the rental income is accessed. Some lenders still want to see that a property has potential to be rented out as a standard rental property but other of more understanding of the complexities of the holiday let market and and will look at the potential earning based on the rental figure for high, middle and low season income. This is where The Friendly Mortgage Co. come into our own. With access to an extensive lender panel and with our expert knowledge of the market we can guide you through the process of securing a holiday let mortgage right from the start through to the finish so as to ensure you end up with the most suitable product for your needs. 

Every lender has different criteria with some allowing owner usage some other not whilst some allow a property to be rented out on AirBNB whilst others don’t. To make sure that you get the perfect holiday let mortgage for your needs just drop us a call and we will more than happily have a friendly chat and start the process of finding your the perfect mortgage for your circumstances. 

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